VISUAL CRASH STUDIO (VCS) is an all-in-one environment for early design, virtual testing and optimization of complex crashworthy structures. It includes the functionalities of the 2D environment for analyzing and design of thin walled prismatic members as well as a complex 3D virtual design space for modeling and testing of individual beams, subassemblies and complete structures.
Firstly released in 2006 Visual Crash Studio (VCS), created at Impact Design Europe by dr. Wlodek Abramowicz, is based on the Macro Element Methodology, and original Object Oriented Finite Element (OOFE) formulation.
The VCS is probably the most advanced software for design of energy absorbing sections and simulation of crushing response of arbitrary space frames. VCS is widely used in the automotive industry worldwide.
CRASH CAD CALCULATE (CCC) is an unique software for design and optimization of thin walled beams cross sections in a user friendly 2D environment. In the CCC software the user can design and calculate cross sections, edit their material and compare results. CCC provides also the possibility to optimize the geometry of a cross section using the Cross Section Optimizer.
CCC is based on the macro element method worked out (among others) by T. Wierzbicki, W. Abramowicz and N. Jones in late eighties of the last century. The computerized version of the current macro element theory is based on the works of Wlodek Abramowicz.
Cross Section Creator (CSC) enriches the functionalities and capabilities of Crash Cad Calculate by providing the possibility of fast and easy extraction of cross sections from an imported mesh model.
CSC offers a user friendly 3D environment which allows for the import of a FE model and creation of cross sections after a simple, 3-click operation. Such cross sections can be then transferred into the Crash Cad Calculate 2D environment, where further calculations and optimization routines can be done.
The software developed and distributed by Impact Design is based on the macro element method. The macro element method is a relatively new branch of the crushing mechanics derived from the kinematic method of the theory of plasticity and energy methods of elasticity. Despite its appealing formal simplicity the macro element method differs significantly from classic methodology of finite element/finite difference approach and incremental methodology of classic theory of plasticity.

This section provides for basic information on:
1. The macro element theoretical background and novel formulation of the finite element method capable of dealing with complex constitutive relations of macro elements.
2. Typical application of the macro element method and Visual Crash Studio (VCS) to design and simulation of crash events. See CASE STUDIES

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